Saturday, September 11, 2010

habits of restraint and care

Tuesday, 14 September – friction, critique, storytelling
Tsing, Friction: Preface, Intro, Chaps 1-3

Working with an amazing storyteller in a trans media, trans worlding set of practices of connection: Tsing’s explorations of misunderstandings that actually allow folks to use diversity as well as possible. Friction is “the grip of worldly encounter."

trans media: 
• see Katie's talk "You are not the author anymore." Esp. click the Starlight Runner graphic: it is a link.
• and this Wikipedia article: Transmedia Storytelling 

How is Tsing altering, enlarging, refusing and connecting with these versions of storytelling? 

What stories about this thing "critique" can we tell too? Compare it to: criticism, critical thinking, critical theory, what else? (? Nietzschean "negative critique"?) What boundary objects exist here? what communities of practice do they traverse, manage, or link?

how to read:
• what strategies from this handout, or others, did you use in reading this material?

x: not there for original campaign but that "only heightened my appreciation of the storytelling around it...something odd emerged...[each] seemed to describe different events...each respondent found the others fantastic, unreal...systematic misunderstandings that separated...yet...had allows them to work together!... The point of understanding [negotiations] is not to homogenize perspectives but rather to appreciate how we can use diversity as well as possible.... I search for odd connections rather than seamless generalizations, inclusive tables, or comparative grids.... [Instead] focus on zones of awkward engagement, where words mean something different across a divide even as people agree to speak."

boundary objects, boundary-work, community of practice,   
trans-sectoral, transdisciplinary knowledge worlds among communities of practice, knowledge transfer 

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