Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sharing: What stories about knowledge are told here? How does power figure in?

from the conference: 

Digital Media Cultures and Generational Responsibility, Linköping, Sweden -- going on right now.

Tiziana Terranova – The Bios of Attention

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Some notes from Tiziana Terranova’s keynote:
Attention has started to figure prominently in debates around the ‘digital’ economy and it is clear from the various essays being published around various inter-related discourses that ‘attention’ has become a key theme. There is an argument that there is a new ‘abundance’ that is derived and produced by the ‘digital’, by virtue of the ability to (re)produce without extra labour and to trade without loss, which has been figured as the basis of a new economy.  However, this constructs problems.  If information is abundant then it can reduced to being ‘valueless’.  The solution to this problem apparently came in the guise of the ‘digital’ responses to the international credit crisis through the harnessing of the labour potential of the ‘user’ and the surplus value which they produce in ‘web 2.0′. More....


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