Monday, September 6, 2010

Sowing Worlds! and where do our stories come from?

Tuesday, 31 August – KATIE AT UK CONFERENCE – no class but there is work to begin with

• read all online materials, • all links in syllabus, and • 2 articles emailed out (Tsing’s “Mushrooms,” and Haraway’s “Sowing Worlds”).  • Also “How to Read” from our blogsite.

Prepare to come to our first class with specific ideas about HOW – that is, in what ways – these materials require each of us to ponder and reexamine our own assumptions. What ARE the assumptions we have ourselves that these materials reveal to us as we engage them?

Tuesday, 7 September – Welcome to our course!
• Tsing, “Mushrooms,” Haraway, “Sowing Worlds” (emailed)
• Online: Klein, Haraway, Despret 1 & 2, How to Read (link on blogsite)
• All links from online version of syllabus (and syllabus itself of course!)

Introductions to each other as resources, to the class, readings and procedures, and to the stories knowledges tell. Signups for presentations: How will you do these? How do you want to do them? What do you want to learn from these?

Paying attention to our own stories and sowing worlds: where do our stories came from? do they belong to us or we to them? how is it that they mean differently to others? what would happen if they got tweaked by us or somehow shifted outside our control? which possible worlds do they assume? how do they get made, in greater and greater detail? what sorts of powers do they enable or disable? and what do our own stories assume about communication, sociality, flourishing, assemblage and infrastructure?


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